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The word bland comes to mind

I sent the following information in a message to Villa FIK on their website, have had no reply in over a week; Purchased a “vegetarian Stromboli…$5.99” from the menu board. I was served a “spinach Roll” and charge $6.99 per the receipt. When I pointed this out, a short belligerent woman rudely told me I paid for what I got. I pointed out that I hadn’t ordered a spinach roll and that there was no spinach roll on the menu. Was then informed by a tall stupid man that the vegetarian roll was made with spinach. Neither of them could find “spinach” anything on the menu, nor could they understand the concept of “bait and switch” or understand why it wasn’t right to serve me something I hadn’t ordered or charge a different price . At no time did either apologize for any confusion or offer to do anything about it. As for the food, the word bland comes to mind.

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