Big Bear Lodge

We invite you to settle into a cozy corner or comfy chair, relax with friends and family fireside while you take in the sights. Savor the smoky flavor of our favorite dishes prepared over an open flame in our wood-fire ovens and grills. Come try a wild-game burgers or wood-fired pizzas inside our lodge with soaring ceilings. Don’t forget to order Bread Pudding for dessert.

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2 reviews

  1. Lady D, 07/18/2016 4:45 am business - Big Bear Lodge

    I love the bread pudding here. The place has great food, like buffalo and ostrich burgers. It has nice staff and the atmosphere is really cozy and rustic.

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  2. Susan, 03/13/2016 3:11 pm business - Big Bear Lodge

    This place has a great menu for kids & adults.
    It is a family owned place and the owners work side by side with their staff. I have eaten here dozens of times in the past few years (I would be there more often but I live over an hour from them), my meal is always fantastic. Great bread, friendly service & the best bread pudding I have ever had.
    I do not write reviews for restuarants….but I am writing this one because the last time I was there, I saw the owners both there… helping the staff, talking to customers, making sure everyone was enjoying their dinners….and then, being just so complimentary of their staff. They just seem like they really care about their customers and their staff. I said something to our waitress like, that’s nice the owners come by and help….she said, they are always here. Most places, the owners are in name only….
    this us just a really cool place….outside seating area, very cool bar, oh…..and the decor is a great up North Lodge.

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