Legends Bar

This bar is located at the Detroit Metro Airport North Terminal near the Baggage Claim area.

You can grab a drink while you wait for your bags to arrive from your flight.

Place Categories: Bars

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2 reviews

  1. Jackie Frasier, 08/02/2018 11:19 am business - Legends Bar

    Waiting for bar to open.
    It’s 11:10 and bar has yet to open when advertised to open at 11am.
    Not really good for business. It’s now just turned lights on to open.
    Shame shame shame.

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  2. c, 08/26/2017 9:41 pm business - Legends Bar

    rip off!!!!!! nice, put a bar right where tired passengers who are already irradiated being on a plane, then having to wait for luggage are. but wait! then charge then $15!!! a shot, but don’t tell them the price before you swipe their card. GREAT for business. but what does it matter, you already have our $$$. $15 for a $5 anywhere else. never, ever again!!!

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