Cloverleaf Bar

It’s an unassuming, boxy building from the outside, with just a green metal door under a goose-neck lamp. But walk in and you’ll find an old-fashioned shot-and-beer bar with character to spare. The bar is in the actual shape of three-leafed clover, all under a scooped-out ceiling — a la the Bronx Bar. It sort of looks like a hipster bar without hipsters, or as our co-drinker joked, “a Downriver Donovan’s.” Though there were only a few old-timers when we visited — briefly singing along to “I’ll Never Smoke Weed With Willie Again” — we hear it can get packed on a Friday night when they have karaoke. There’s also a short menu of bar food, including burgers, mini-burritos, pierogies, poppers and more.

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