Formerly called Cafe West, the restaurant has remodeled and is now reopened to the public.

Serving seafood, fresh fish, steak, prime rib, tacos, salads, slider, sandwiches and more. Has a full bar in a modern and casual atmosphere.

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5 reviews

  1. Andi, 07/20/2018 2:54 pm business - Truago

    The food AND the service was AMAZING! We have been four times SO FAR! The menu has to have been from an experienced chef because it is varied and innovative! SOOO refreshing to have something NEW!

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  2. Jamey, 09/02/2017 9:52 am business - Truago

    Good food and good service at reasonable prices. Always fresh and delicious.

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  3. Dawn, 08/25/2017 2:13 pm business - Truago

    Food is amazing. Friendly staff. Definitely going back.

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  4. Cathy Sleep, 08/15/2017 12:56 pm business - Truago

    The food is amazing! We have been there for lunch, dinner and brunch. Very good service. Very accommodating and attentive ?

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  5. Dan Emerick, 08/11/2017 11:43 pm business - Truago

    Overall a horrible experience! I will NEVER go back. Walked in and the hostess told us about a 20 minute wait, so we said we’ll have a drink at the bar. We had two drinks at the bar and cashed out after waiting about 40-45 minutes. I told my wife we’ll have one more drink and if our table isn’t ready before we’re done we’ll leave. They had a table for us after about a 50-55 minute wait. I went to cash out and pay for my last two drinks and they had charged me for four drinks on my bill. I had to correct them and then sat at our table. Our waiter came over and we already knew what we wanted as we had 50 minutes to look at the menu already. I ordered an appetizer and asked the waiter what he though of it, he suggested another appetizer and I told him we’ll go with his recommendation. We also proceeded to order fish taco’s and a salad. The appetizer came out and it wasn’t what we had ordered, but figured we would just eat it as we had already been there for a good hour and twenty minutes. As we were almost finished with it, the correct appetizer came out and we figured we would just get it in a to go box as we were sure our meals would be out momentarily. We’ll, after waiting another 25-30 minutes (and the waiter never did come back to give us a to go box) I just ate the second appetizer as I was pretty hungry. As soon as we had ordered our appetizer I started my timer on my phone just to see how long the wait would be, after our 50-55 minute wait for our table, and when it got to the
    50 minute mark I looked at my wife and said let’s get the hell outta here! We ordered a salad and fish taco’s and still hadn’t seen our food after waiting 50 minutes! Oh, by the way we hadn’t seen our waiter in about the past 40 minutes either. I got up and walked into the restaurant looking for our waiter and finally found him and told him can you put our food in carry out boxes as we need to get out of here. He just said, sure no problem? Not, sorry for the wait, is everything ok, can I get you anything. After waiting another 15-20 minutes I had just grabbed a $20 from my wallet to throw on the table for the appetizer and we were going to walk out and my wife said “here he comes”. I paid for the food and walked out. We got home and my wife took a bite of her salad and said it was nasty and I threw the fish taco’s in the garbage as they were cold and had obviously been sitting for quite some time. Moral of the story is this place sucks and I won’t waste my time or money here again!!!

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