A hometown favorite in Flat Rock.

Kate’s Kitchen’s humble beginning started just a few blocks from the restaurant’s present location, in a basement on Arsenal Road in Flat Rock. Word of Catherine Gillespie’s pies traveled fast and in 1979 she and her husband Aaron opened Kate’s Kitchen. Pies were what got them started, breakfast fare was soon to follow. Fast forward to 1997, the business was passed down to their daughter, also named Catherine, who is the present owner. Since then, with the help of a group of talented and devoted women including Becky, Gina and Catherine’s daughter, Alexis, have kept the tradition of quality and homemade comfort food alive.

This Tiny Michigan Restaurant Has Been Serving Home-Cooked Goodness For 40 Years

The most delightful surprises often come in unexpected packages. This philosophy applies perfectly to restaurants, which often offer incredible meals in the most unassuming settings. There’s one quaint little eatery here in the Great Lakes State that will surely steal your heart and delight your taste buds with its time-tested menu.

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This place serves home cooking so good you’ll think your grandma made it!

From freshly baked pies to homemade biscuits and gravy, Kate’s Kitchen is serving up food just like your grandma used to make, or to be more accurate, how Alexis LaVoy’s grandma used to make. This cozy Flat Rock restaurant got its start thanks to Alexis’ grandma, Kate.