The Top 5 Crucial Technology Trends For Restaurants In 2015

Restaurant technology

Technology is constantly evolving. Is your restaurant doing the same?

In order to reach the techno-savvy consumer at their level, restaurant owners and managers need to utilize every possible way to accommodate mobile patrons and get in the palm of their hands.

Here are the top 5 tech trends that restaurants should adopt in order to keep up with new technology and reach a wider audience.

  • Mobile Web Capability – This is almost a requirement nowadays. Even Google just changed their search results for mobile-friendly websites. Mobile searches now dominate more than 50% of all website traffic. Your restaurant website should be mobile optimized or you should create a mobile app, but it’s essential that mobile be a primary focus or your business will be a secondary thought.
  • Alternative Payment Methods – Cash, credit, debit or ApplePay. More payment options should be available. Restaurants will soon master new ways to obtain payment.
  • Loyalty Programs – Places like Starbucks, TGI Fridays, Panera Bread and BJ’s  Restaurants have great loyalty programs in place. Some even offer exclusive specials to members, or provide additional cooking and baking tips. Loyalty programs have improved beyond the plastic card and are now taking up prime real estate on a mobile phone.
  • Online Ordering – It’s only a matter of time before all restaurants start offering the ability to take orders on their websites. You could handle this service in-house or use an external provider but the need for speed and convenience is clearly important among our busy lives, so keep online ordering on your radar if you haven’t started doing this yet.
  • Pay At The Table – This type of touchscreen device sits on each table and allows the guests to browse the menu, order food and drinks, play games, and ‘pay on demand’ when they’re ready to check out giving them complete control over their dining experience right at their table.

Take a look at the infographic below from for a more in depth look at technology for restaurants.

The Evolution of the Modern Restaurant


Restaurants should include any and all cutting-edge technology methods to enhance the overall dining experience.  The more user-friendly and innovative your restaurant becomes, should reward you with  new customers and repeat business engagement among the Millennials and the entire mobile population.

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