Buffy’s Mexican-Casian Grill Claimed

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Mexican-American Food Truck & Carryout


Serving a mix of Mexican and American cuisine.

On Nov. 15, the former food truck expanded its business by opening a new carry-out restaurant at 13312 Fort Street in Southgate.

After a few renovations, the new space, which formerly housed Tijuana’s Mexican Kitchen Express, was open for business. The restaurant has counter space to wait. It’s decorated with red paint and steel plates to match the truck.

Read the opening announcement from The News Herald:

From a food truck to a restaurant, Buffy’s Mexi-Casian Grill opens in Southgate

Since 2013, Buffy’s Mexi-Casian Grill food truck has been active in the metro Detroit area. On Nov. 15, the business, which features a mix of Mexican and American cuisine, opened a new endeavor – a carry-out restaurant at 13312 Fort St., Southgate.