The Broadcast Booth

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More a restaurant than a sports bar. The lounge is dominated by a huge U-shaped bar and scores of TVs, but other aeas are sedate. The joint’s informality, wooden tables and paper napkins, reflect the menu’s budget-friendly meals. For example, only $8.95 will score a “Hat Trick” appetizer composed of four buffalo wings, five crispy fried-ravioli bites stuffed with cheese and jalapeno, and tortilla chips with a lively spinach dip. The ample portion of deep-fried but mercifully lightly floured little calamari rings with marinara is another decent starter. Among the other traditional bar-food appetizers, which average around $7, are steak bites, quesadillas, and “Katie Bar the Door” chili over mac ‘n’ cheese. There are burgers, pastas, pizzas and more. Most main dishes are less than $17, with the kitchen justifiably proud of its tender, fall-off-the-bone baby-back ribs basted with a mild hickory barbecue sauce.